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[sticky post] Salutations!

This LJ account has gone through hiatus and purge after hiatus and purge, but I still do not delete it. I hid all of my posts for a while. Then I purged and started fresh with private entries. Then, for whatever reason (I don't remember doing it, but whatever), I deleted every entry again sometime last year except the old sticky banner I made for my "friends only post" years ago when I first learned how to use layers and difference clouds and gradients wayyyyy back in old Photoshop 7.0. I guess I was nostalgic over that ugly graphic monstrosity I created when I first fell in love with post processing photography.

So why am I here now? I was reading blogs about indie cosmetic companies and came across one that was an LJ... and then that nostalgia crept back up on me. I get emotional about the strangest things. I figured I've had this account since 2004, I might as well keep it now. I was 23 and about to face my first divorce very shortly after entering into my first marriage when I created this account. I am a different human being now from the one I was back then. At times I really wish I hadn't gone through those 'delete all evidence of the past' phases, so I could at least read through my evolution, but I digress. I never got to the point.

Why am I here?

Reboot. TiffyChele is releasing meanbluethingy 3.0. Thanks for killing time here.

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